Rick Westphal

Rick Westphal
DP ~ Cameraman ~ Editor

For those inspired water enthusiasts who would like to take their aquatic experience to an all new level, I highly recommend PERFORMANCE FREEDIVING. I just completed a four days Basic/Intermediate Course under the instructions/owner Kirk Krack, World Champion Trainer and Mandy-Rae Cruickshank, Free Diver Champion, and their very component assistants.

I have always wondered how free divers could reach such great depths, how they could hold their breaths for long periods of time without coming to a shallow water black out, or other injury.  Within the 4 day clinic, the small group of excited participants was introduced to those training techniques.  We were given instruction on the psychological, physiology and physics, of free diving. I found the classroom instructions similar to the Hawaii life style, laid back, fun, but very informative and extremely interesting. Safety is on the top of the course list with training exercises required every day. No testing required, but what I recommend is that you turn your brain into a sponge and soak up as much of the knowledge, and experiences that is presented throughout the course.

The clinic takes you from classroom to pool, pool to open water, and prepares you for a journey into personal discovery of one self.  To my surprise, after proper breathing exercises, I was able to reach a static breath hold time of over 3 minutes, and when I purchase the proper wet suit, that time will go up. Numerous free dives in open water consisted of depths from 30’ to 87’ over a 2 day training schedule, and on the last day I reached my maximum depth of 102’ on one breath, Yeah Babe…Sorry Mom…

With over 20+ years of scuba experiences and filming in open water for sharks, billfish, and other marine life, I found a new and exciting adventure to explore.  I highly recommend this course to beginners and advanced divers, or anyone looking for a way to explore their abilities and the ocean depths. 

For more information about the courses that Kirk and Mandy offer go to www.performancefreediving.com.